Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a little pregnancy update

37 week today = longest pregnancy to date!  Praise the Lord!

And according to the OB late last week, things are looking healthy for both mom and baby.  Friday was the last day of the progesterone injections, a fact that neither Drake nor I are mourning.  I'm only dilated to 1cm and not effaced at all, so it's likely that we've still got some time until her arrival.  She's head down (and likely to stay that way), and the OB estimates that she's in the high 5's for weight right now, giving her an expected birth weight of 7+ pounds - we'll take it!

And now my tasks (among many others) include: finding that darn camera charger which we still haven't unearthed since our move, finalizing some things with our diapers, getting the admitting paperwork to the hospital ahead of time so that it's one less thing to do when we're there, cleaning out the van (not necessarily a priority, but it's something I'd like to have done before she arrives), and making myself a nursing cover.  Whew.  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

this is on in our car 95% of the time or more

Relevant Radio

Drake and I are in love with this Catholic talk radio station - it's so solid and never came in very well when we lived in Urbana.  But now, we listen to it almost all the time!

The station is excellent for numerous reasons, but one thing we really like is that they're not afraid to "go there."  They face the controversial issues head on, arming themselves with the Magisterium, papal authority, and Scripture.  Some of our favorite programs include the Drew Mariani Show, Go Ask your Father, and The Inner Life.  I get genuinely excited about car rides now because of this radio station, especially on those days that life as a Catholic in this world seems more daunting than exciting.

AM 950 - check it out for yourself!  You can even listen online or on your fancy iPhone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

counting our blessings

I had a great confession last night with the priest at our new parish, and I was reminded of something critical: the need to keep our blessings at the forefront of my mind.  I personally have to make a very intentional effort to remind myself of how blessed I am in the midst of heavy crosses.  So I'm listing a few for my own sake.
  • Drake and I have a ridiculously strong marriage - I'd be completely lost without him.  Being married to the person with whom I converse most easily and honestly, the person who understands me to my core, and the one who desires the holiness of our family above all else is a complete gift from God.
  • We've been blessed with two beautiful children - Thomas fills our lives with joy, and we cannot contain the excitement we feel over meeting our daughter in a few short weeks.
  • We have a nice place to live, a solid parish, and live near other family support.
  • We have food on the table, clothes on our back (and in our closet!), and have been blessed by the generosity of family and friends.
  • We have access to medical care and have been abundantly blessed by the competence and kindness of our new OB office in particular.
  • We got a great deal on a van and live near the train station, both of which allow our family to get to the places we need to be.
  • Drake feels a great deal of peace about his academic program; we both feel tremendous peace about taking this next step for our family.
Father Tom also gave me an effective visual last night in the confessional.  He talked to me about the story of Peter's attempt to walk on water to go meet his Lord.  Peter was thrilled to see Jesus and began to make his way to Him...but then he got lost in his own mind and convinced himself that it didn't make sense for him (Peter) to be walking on water...that's when he began to drown.  When Peter fixed his gaze, his attention, his complete focus on Jesus, that was when walking on water was possible.

Receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation last night reaffirmed my conviction that God desires to sanctify our family through the joys and crosses of this new journey, one big transition that is filled with smaller transitions.  Holy Family, pray for us!

PS. I apologize for the recent lag time in my blogging, though I'm confident that you've found other ways to spend your time :)