Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a potential little series

Folks, I must admit I struggle with this blogging thing.  Sometimes I love it; sometimes I hate it; sometimes I'm completely indifferent about the whole ordeal.  I'm inspired by the sheer honesty and beautiful insights of many of the blogs I read, but I must say that I've yet to figure out how much is too much in terms of divulging things that are personal...and I mean much more personal than random insights or photos of beautiful Steed babies.

Any of you share in that struggle?

I've mentioned before on here that perfectionism is an area that needs a great deal of "tending to" in my life.  A great deal (that's an intense understatement).  It interferes with nearly every facet, and it's time that I, along with the good Lord, address the situation.  I'm contemplating starting a little series of posts about this topic, primarily as a way to sort out my thoughts/struggles/revelations regarding all things perfect (oh wait, that's only possible in Heaven...I'm still living on earth, where nothing is perfect...shoot).  Well, if I stand even the most minute chance of making it through those pearly gates, I'd better get working on growing in virtue through this struggle.

I've made too many promises in the past about blogging X number of times per week or posting photos more frequently or things of that nature.  Well, I simply don't have a lot of blogging time right now.  Our lives are insane (I say that not for your pity or empathy, but simply to remind myself of the reality of the situation) as a doctoral studies-part time work-stay at home mom-two tiny children-very little income-very busy calendar-type of family.  And so, I'll post when I can.  I wish that blogging could be a bigger priority, and I often desire it to be so, but I'm just not there now.  I welcome your insights, your encouragement, your prayers (oh do I ever welcome those!) as I attempt to sift through this ordeal with perfection that, right now, is bringing about more vice than virtue.

Stay tuned!

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